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Southern and Central Island Parks: Famous for stunning beauty, amazing bird-life including flamingos, migratory birds, pelicans and water-fowl, the South Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is sparsely inhabited and home to the endangered El Moto tribal people. The Central Island park is usually the crater of small living volcano, and contains three salt-water lakes. These lakes are famous for flamingos and tend to be the habitat in the world's biggest variety of Nile crocodiles.

The lake-shores are stuffed with zebra, topi, oryx, Grant's gazelle and reticulated giraffe species besides numerous snakes and reptiles. There are many comfortable tented camps and lodges here. Living life towards the fullest is among the creeds that a lot of people live by nowadays. And the flashier you are to that point means the nearer you happen to be to living life on the fullest. Buying a roof is not the approach to take anymore, but locating a 4-bedroom home which lies in a 4 acre real-estate with gourmet kitchens and enjoined patios sufficient reason for a backyard pool too.

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